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Manuel spent much of his youth in sports, playing hockey, volleyball and football competitively. Upon discovering strength and conditioning at the age of 17, he integrated it into his lifestyle and never looked back since.

As a coach, he strives to help his clients understand the importance of longevity in training well to prevent injuries and how fitness can transfer to living a fuller life.



  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) with Distinction
  • CPR – AED Certified

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Testimonials for Manuel Ceino


“Manuel has been a gym expert and friend through our personal training sessions. I feel stronger and would encourage anyone considering taking up personal training to give it a try!”

“Before working with Manuel, I was new to the gym and suffered from back pain when sitting for long hours. Manuel was able to teach me exercises to strengthen my body, encourage me to be physically active, and, as a result – greatly reduced my back pain.

I wanted to get into a habit of exercising regularly and feel the benefits of weight training. Beyond my expectations, I managed to achieve a 60kg deadlift (my bodyweight), 45kg barbell squat, and 35kg bench press.

Manuel has been a gym expert and friend through our PT sessions. I feel stronger and would encourage anyone considering taking up personal training to give it a try!”

– Ken Ng


“I had the pleasure of working with Manny over the course of about 3 months. I can safely say it was one of my best experiences working with a personal trainer.”

“I was a little cautious in hiring another PT as I have worked with several others in the past without improving much physically or mentally. However, Manny did not disappoint.

Working with Manny has helped me in so many ways. My main goal was to get stronger at the gym, and Manny helped me achieve that by quantifying my exercises. My compound lifts have improved, I have learned proper techniques, and I always had so much fun during our sessions.

Manny is very well versed in all of the exercises inside the gym. He is flexible and will try his best to come up with alternatives if something isn’t working out or is uncomfortable. His great attention to detail has helped me improve tremendously in a safe manner.

All in all, I am beyond satisfied with Manny’s service and assistance provided. I am excited to take all the knowledge he has provided to my training moving forward.

I highly recommend Manny to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer to improve their performance in the gym.”

– Namra Bano


“Extremely intense workout and yet individually catered to my needs. Love the sound track too! Highly recommend!!”


“Really awesome instructor, very sincere in teaching. He takes the time to correct your form well. I’d recommend his class for people of all levels(no pun intended). He makes strength training fun 🙂 Thanks Manuel!”


“Manuel was very detailed when showing the proper techniques in each exercise. I like how he goes around and checks everybody’s form, and I believe there’s always room for improvement no matter how good I think I am even though its a SKILL class, I think its beginner friendly because he makes sure your form is good before going heavy with the weights.”


“Manuel is patient, friendly and explains techniques to improve your form, etc. on a 1-1 level (he engages in personal conversations with all students throughout the class) and I really appreciate his positive attitude and his thoughts of getting the foundations of workouts correct over emphasis on speed! Highly recommended.”


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