Sabrina Sng


Personal Trainer, Singapore

Sabrina’s experiences as a performer inspired her to dig deeper into what it means to develop physical strength and stamina.

She went on to expand her experience with physical training as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

A believer of breaking boundaries both in and outside the training studio, Sabrina is passionate about connecting with people and developing that physical and mental confidence together.

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Reviews for Sabrina Sng


“Sabrina has a nice combination of “high energy” and motivation / fun, while also still being able to have more thoughtful discussions on technical points / when people need extra help and coaching on particular exercises.”

This is quite a delicate balance and I think she is able to combine the two very really well. She also has a good sense of humour when she coaches which helps to relax people and get a good vibe going in the class – very important when people turning up to class don’t know each other as helps to break the ice!


“Sabrina is a very patient instructor. Her instructions are very clear. She make sure that we understand the moves before executing any exercises.”

And she is also very attentive, making sure your form and techniques are correct. She always checks on everyone throughout the whole session.


“Loved class with Sabrina today!”

She was super nice and helpful at all times.

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