Su Jean Lam


Personal Trainer, Singapore

After graduating with a nutrition degree, Su-Jean has had experience working in the public health sector as well as within the weight management and fitness industry.

She’s an avid HIIT junkie and combines her love for fitness and nutrition into one. She found her love for fitness over a decade ago participating in gymnastics. An unfortunate injury, however, put a pause to her fitness journey and she thought she could never get back into it again.

Initially, Su-Jean felt intimidated going to gyms. Through encouragement from those around her, she soon discovered the importance of lifting weights to take her fitness to the next level; strengthening her joints and muscles to prevent future injuries. Her love for working out was re-ignited, and grateful for the support and progress her coaches had shown her, she wanted to do the same for others and help others find their passion for fitness.

Su-Jean then took a huge step in her career, moving from her mundane day-to-day corporate life to becoming a full-time personal trainer. She has been loving every second of it, and has never looked back since.

Since then, she’s helped many clients with their goals, be it from losing weight to general health or fitness goals. One thing to note: she doesn’t believe in restriction, she lives to eat. Her belief is that you shouldn’t have to restrict yourself to meet your goals, but instead be able to enjoy every moment knowing you’re making smart choices to be the best version of yourself.




  • BSc Nutrition / Accredited Nutritionist with the Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Society
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Functional Fitness for Pregnancy and Post Partum Certification
  • Fundamentals of Kettlebells Level 1 & 2


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