Wing Yee


Personal Trainer, Singapore

Wing Yee is a fitness enthusiast with a strong passion for sports and wellness. Her love for strength training began when she first picked up the barbell at Level. Wing Yee brings more than a decade of diverse training experiences. Apart from marathons and strength training, Wing Yee enjoys muay thai, bouldering, spinning and tennis.

Currently pursuing a degree in physiotherapy, Wing Yee’s coaching principles extends beyond conventional fitness. Focused on injury prevention and sustaining strength throughout the aging process, she recognizes the holistic benefits of gaining strength for both physical and mental well-being. Bridging the gap between fitness and rehabilitation lies at the heart of her approach, aiming to empower clients and instill confidence in their workouts.

Wing Yee is committed to building sustainable, balanced lifestyles with her clients. Her goal is not only to help them achieve their fitness aspirations but also to find joy in their fitness journey. For her, movement is a privilege, and she strives to make every workout a rewarding experience for her clients.



  • Degree in Life Science (Biomedical Science)\
  • Currently pursuing degree in physiotherapy


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