“Working out at Level is pretty much one of the best choices I made for my fitness.”

It keeps me on my toes and the grind is well worth it. The trainers are experienced and they know how to push you to your limit, within safe standards. Definitely would recommend to any of my friends.

– Jacqueline Chan

“Great personal training gym in the CBD. Trainers are knowledgeable and flexible to meet your needs.”

The gym itself is great, lots of equipment and space. I always look at the showers/lockers and Level keeps theirs pristine and stocked with nice products. I’ve been training with Jeff for around 6 months, he’s pushed me to improve while also keeping our sessions fun! Highly recommend Level for personal training.

– Sarah Lipke


“Definitely beats a standard-issue club gym!”

The atmosphere at Level is really encouraging and it’s a really great space to work out in. The personal trainers are both friendly highly qualified in helping clients of any level or discipline, and there is a strong emphasis on technique before strength, which is critical.

– Marissa Trew


“Had a lot of fun training at Level! The studio is well-kept and smells nice too.”

The trainers are skilled and are able to provide tailored programs based on individual needs and ability, and more importantly they can be or inject some fun during the sweaty hours! Keep up the good work guys.

-Yasmin Hazamareta


“Hands down the best gym for personal training in Singapore.”

The trainers are not only specialists in various fields and areas of sports and fitness but also incredibly passionate about what they do. But here’s the main difference between Level’s instructors and other trainers I’ve had before: they’re incredibly amazing, caring, and supportive people who are really there to help you achieve your personal fitness goals while bringing fun to your sessions.

Sessions may be pricier compared to those of the average gym, but it’s an investment that’s worth it if you’re really looking to change your health and fitness lifestyle for the better.

-Katelyn Leong


“I would strongly recommend Level to anyone looking for sustainable long-term results from training.”

I have trained with many personal trainers over the years in London/ HK/ Singapore and can categorically say that Jeff at Level stands outs for a few reasons: a) his total focus on achieving a client’s objectives; b) his attention to detail to ensure that the exercises are carried out appropriately; and c) his ability to adapt scheduled workouts on the fly based on how your body may be responding on a particular day. I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for sustainable long-term results from training.

– Arjun Raghavan


“Lorne is not just a trainer, he is a fitness master.”

When you train with Lorne, he is teaching a craft of how to stay fit and strong for the rest of one’s life. From a handstand to the multiple variations of of push ups, whether you are looking to bulk up or seeking rehabilitation for any body part, he knows it all. He is sensitive and adapts to how one is feeling on any given day. His intuitive approach is something I have never experienced in the 15 years that I have trained with several personal trainers.

– Sukesh Singh


“Working out with Eva is not only fun and rewarding but I’ve learnt so much about my body as a woman and about the myths that I typically thought were true! Workout is never a chore with her and her enthusiastic yet caring manner.”

Having a back condition also requires that I’m particularly attentive to it, and Eva has managed to guide and coach me by making me more aware of the various muscle groups and particular problem areas! She’s a great trainer, inspiring woman, and definitely the best companion for training even in tough times.

– Carrie Ho


“John makes you better because he only accepts perfection and that mindset rubs off on his athletes.”

I love being coached by John. He makes you better because he only accepts perfection and that mindset rubs off on his athletes. The pursuit of perfection becomes a passion. He is wise and articulate and caring. And he has amazing taste in Disney music.

– Megan Bitossi


“Coach Wu’s attention to detail is unmatched and his knowledge far supersedes that of any other coach I have ever met.”

Coach Wu has been training me in the Olympic lifts for the past 6 months. I went from not knowing how to overhead squat with very limited mobility to a 80kg Snatch PR in 3 months.

His attention to detail is unmatched and his knowledge far supersedes that of any other coach I have ever met or seen in the fitness industry. Looking forward to many more sessions and perhaps a competition soon.

– Max Galser


“George has been terrifically motivational, is able to help me tap into reserves of energy I did not know I had, pushed me past the pain barrier and when I look in the mirror even my husband is jealous of my muscle tone.”

I started my fitness journey about 15 months ago focusing on MMA which has been transformational. After getting fit again, I needed some focused training to really build specific strength and endurance for Spartan. I have been amazed how I have been able to overcome specific challenges that felt so impossible at first but I can now do with ease.  George has an approachable and professional manner to the sessions that I would recommend anyone wanting to break through their personal barriers.

I enjoy every training session at Level!

– Burau Joelma


“Sharlynn is super encouraging, and I’ve been really happy with my progress so far. She is a phenomenal trainer.”

Training with Sharlynn has been great and has honestly made a huge difference in my fitness regime. 

– Veronica


“Sabrina has a nice combination of “high energy” and motivation / fun, while also still being able to have more thoughtful discussions on technical points / when people need extra help and coaching on particular exercises.”

This is quite a delicate balance and I think she is able to combine the two very really well. She also has a good sense of humour when she coaches which helps to relax people and get a good vibe going in the class – very important when people turning up to class don’t know each other as that helps to break the ice!



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