Maintain your strength and muscle with our online workouts in the comfort of your own home.
Our virtual sessions are the perfect start to the day, or a perfect mental break from working at home.

Virtual Sweat (No Equipment)



SWEAT (HIIT) classes are designed to build fitness through a variety of high intensity intervals and circuit training using your bodyweight. These exercises can be regressed or progressed in order to suit different fitness levels.
This class will tone up your muscles and and improve your cardiovascular endurance.


Virtual Sculpt (No Equipment)



Step 1: look good.

Our Virtual Sculpt is back by popular demand, and we’ll keep your aesthetic goals in check with low and slow, bang for your buck movements that help you keep the body looking fine in a time that’s less than fine.

Virtual Calisthenics Strength



No equipment but want to retain muscle mass and work on good movement? Our Virtual Calisthenics Strength is a bodyweight conditioning class that helps build muscle, improve lifting technique and increase muscular endurance in a way that’s different from High Intensity Interval Training.

Virtual Sweat (Bands)



Virtual Sweat with bands opens up a new range of angles to add to your HIIT workout through a variety of intervals and varied exercises. These exercises can be regressed or progressed to suit different fitness levels.

Bands are required for this class, so contact us to get a set!

Virtual Sculpt (Bands)



Virtual Sculpt with bands opens up a whole new world of possibilities to stay on track with keeping yourself in check.

Bands are required for this class (the 2m long rubber band chain you made when you were 6 won’t quite cut it), so grab a set from us before you jump on Zoom!

Virtual Strength



You’ve got a couple of dumbbells and kettlebells lying around at home, but you’re not sure what to do with them.

Our Virtual Strength class borrows from our Structure /Skill classes, where we teach movements and techniques to maintain muscle mass and increase your awareness of moving with an external weight. Contact us if you need to buy / rent a set of weights (while stocks last).


These class packs are valid for Virtual SWEAT, Virtual SCULPT and Virtual STRENGTH classes.


One Virtual 
Class Pack

Expires after usage


You can either purchase Zoom class packs on our website and book via MINDBODY or book via ClassPass.

Once you are booked in, we will send you a link to join the online class at least 60 minutes before the class commences!

Please log on 10 minutes prior to ensure smooth connection and set up.


I’ve bought a package but I don’t see any virtual classes on MBO

If you’re having trouble seeing our Virtual Classes on MBO, check that you have the latest app installed. Log out and exit the app fully. Re-login and you should see our classes. This fixes the problem for 98% of our users.

If you are still unable to see the classes, we are in contact with MBO on how to fix but in the meantime, DM us to make your class bookings or book via our website (https://level.com.sg/mbo-robinson/ or https://level.com.sg/mbo-telok-ayer/).

Do I need equipment to attend the Zoom classes?

We are in the midst of putting together equipment bundles specifically geared toward our ZOOM class offerings. More information will be released soon. Our Equipment Strength classes will require the use of equipment, but if you don’t have any of your own, our coaches will work with you to find suitable household items to use in the class.

What happens if restrictions lift before a month is up?

We hope they do, and if that happens we will wait for specific guidelines from SportSG before communicating our response.

Can we share packages?

While we can’t stop you from doing so, we’d like to strongly discourage that. Every bit counts to allow our coaches to make a living despite these stricter measures.

Can we share packages (if only one person logs in at a time)?

Similar to the above answer, we don’t have a multimillion dollar pool of income like Disney Plus does (we see you!)

Think of the ZOOM package as your individual commitment as a show of love and support to your favorite coaches at Level (and wherever else you buy packages!)

Can I do more than one class a day?

Of course you can! Our unlimited ZOOM membership allows you to access all of our ZOOM class offerings.

However, remember, an all you can eat sushi buffet means you can eat everything on the menu three times over, but that doesn’t mean you should.

Will classes be recorded and available on demand?

No they will not! Our coaches pride themselves on keeping an eye on our clients and making sure every exercise is suitable and safe for every participant.

Our class timings are set at popular timeslots throughout the day so don’t worry, you’ll get a chance to exercise!

Can I get a refund on my unused existing class packages?

No – we will not be providing refunds on unused class packages. Your package will be extended till the end of the year.




You’ve got places to be, things to do, people to see. We completely get it!
However, in order to value the time and energy of our trainers and fellow clients, we have a 1-hour cancellation policy in place.

So if your plans change prior, feel free to cancel out of your booked class without any implications. If you do miss the window, or do not show up, a class will unfortunately be deducted from your package.  For those on unlimited monthly packages, if you late cancel or no show, we will suspend your online booking rights for 3 days (you may still book via telephone/email).

We also reserve the right to cancel any class with less than 2 pax with 12 hours notice.

We look forward to seeing you online!


“Krystle was very attentive and patient with our various fitness levels (mine is beginner level).”

Thank you for the very fun class!

“I wasn’t sure I would be into virtual training but I’ve loved it.”

It’s so easy to start the day with training now because there is really no excuse. George and Hannah have been awesome with their high energy coming through even on the screen! Can’t wait to try more classes!!

“George is the best ! His energy keeps us motivated and fit during this lockdown.”

Very clear explanations, and he offers a nice variety of full body exercises. Highly recommended!

“Good class, sound was very clear, instructions were clear. Erik checked our form and gave us exercises to modify e.g. for knee issues.”

He was also very encouraging when we were struggling. And nice 90s rock soundtrack!

“The Calisthenics and Sculpt (no equipment) classes are great classes, and absolutely suitable for beginners!”

The instructors are fantastic with giving instructions and catering to individual people’s needs.

“Really enjoy Daniel’s online class. He even uses his usual retro playlists for the virtual classes!

He provides good options that we can choose from and adapt with what we have at home, and maintains great energy levels.

“George is a great instructor, he’s very attentive and makes sure we execute the exercises correctly. The intensity of his classes is just nice and his energy is contagious.”

He explains clearly and demonstrates the exercises to avoid confusion. I definitely sweat and feel satisfied after his classes. Looking forward to the next class with George!

“The sweat and aches are real. Love how quickly the whole community is adapting, staying strong & positive no matter what is being thrown at us.”

Always good vibes at Level! Thank you for all the awesome workouts and great energy! Keeps me sane, happy and healthy

“I’ve been attending Sabrina’s virtual sweat (bands) class and would highly recommend it to everyone.”

It’s a great full body workout and Sabrina pays a lot of attention in correcting the posture and providing variations as needed. Just keep a towel handy for all the sweat!


“I sweat buckets and it’s not even a sweat class!”


“Appreciate the coaches taking time to check on each one of us and correcting our forms and making sure the right muscles are being worked out.”


“Attending George’s virtual sweat classes give me a boost of energy I really need to start a busy day of working from home and home based learning!”


“The class may be virtual but the sweat is real!’


“Great class to keep my strengths despite not being able to use heavy weights at the gym!”


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